Pewter Bottle Holder With Rings


Round Solid Pewter Bottle Holder, Authentically Handmade In Italy, By Julie Wear Designs.

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Kentucky Artist Julie Wear is internationally renowned as the worlds premier painter of Thoroughbred Racehorses. She extends her painting talents to the creation of exquisite, premium tableware, crystal and now Legacy Pewter Tableware Collections. Legacy Pewter is hand made in Italy, composed of 95% tin and 5% copper – antimony, providing sparkle and strength, making it the best pewter on earth with no lead. The pewter has a vintage look created by the method of which the liquid metal is gradually poured in to molds, eliminating that smooth look, then blackened and polished creating character to the finish.

The SOLID PEWTER BOTTLE HOLDER WITH RINGS is a simple yet elegant way to complete your table setting for wine lovers with authentic old world charm. Class it up and bottle it down!  A lovely gift idea for newlyweds who appreciate the art of wine and that of a beautiful table!

Dimensions: 4″ x 3″ round.