Harris Tweed Hunting Flask – MacLeod Tartan


A Stainless Steel Hunting Flask, Wrapped in Harris Tweed/Leather, Includes 4 Stainless Steel Cups.  Imported From Scotland.

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A Little History:
For centuries the inhabitants of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland have hand woven a beautiful and intricate cloth the world knows simply as Harris Tweed.
It is the only fabric protected by an Act of Parliament. This strictly outlines the conditions in which the cloth can be genuinely made. Authentic Harris Tweed is issued with the famous Harris Tweed Orb Mark after inspection by the Harris Tweed Authority. The Orb Mark is the United Kingdom’s oldest trademark.

Description: A classic Harris Tweed and stainless steel small hunting flask with four cups in an attractive gift box.

Colour: #15 MacLeod Tartan

Size: 8-oz. Stands 6″ Tall, 2 1/4″ Round.