LAST ONE! Signature 100% Kid Mohair Throw – Ruby

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Signature Kid Mohair Throw, Handwoven by WHEW, Inc in Ontario.

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The quality of this throw is like non-other, incredibly soft & luxurious!  Made from yarn, which is mostly kid or fine young goat mohair, which comes from the first shearing of angora goats.  A small portion of wool in the very core of the yarns gives tremendous strength and resilience to the throw, quality that will last you a lifetime.  Kid Mohair is also known to be less allergenic than other yarns and does not pile. A beautiful piece of work hand made by Wild Haliburton Elephant Weavers, WHEW, Inc.  A unique find and most certainly a gorgeous, warm addition to any home!  Care instructions provided.

Size: Approx 44″ x 72″