Donkey Socks


Universal Fit Donkey Stitched Socks, Imported From Australia.

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These Donkey Socks are sure to put a wow in your step catching the attention of horse and donkey lovers!  These Donkey Socks boast a cool palette of grey and two shades of blue that will pair perfectly with any outfit. They are finely crafted from a plush combed cotton material and finessed with a 200 needle stitch. Handmade by the Brothers of OTAA in Australia, so get down under and show off your socks!

Size: These socks are brilliantly made as a one size fit for both men and woman, catering to the average foot size. Their composition allows them to both hug and stretch to form the foot with comfort.  Ranging from size 8-12 in Men and size 10-12 in woman.  

60% Cotton
32% Acrylic
3% Polyamide 
2% Elastane

Combed Cotton Material
200 Needle Socks

Base Color: Navy Blue, Blue, Grey